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“I always thought, from a young age, that one day I would become a preacher, but I did not necessarily anticipate I would sing [professionally],” Geoffrey says of his preordained spiritual path.  But when in 2013 the opportunity came for him to audition for Season 6 of “Sunday Best” he jumped at the chance. He ultimately didn’t make the cut, but it’s a good thing he didn’t give up. Convinced he had simply hit a speed bump, Geoffrey auditioned the following year, this time going all the way! “When I look back on it I realized things were destined to happen the way they did,” says Geoffrey.


America voted for their favorite singer, and 20-year-old Geoffrey Golden was crowned the season seven winner of BET Sunday Best. Golden won the hearts of America and favor with the celebrity judges due to his professional demeanor, his stature, humility, and anointing that were evident throughout all of his performances on the show.


Golden, nicknamed the “Black Pavarotti” by Kirk Franklin, has an extensive musical background – one that seems to be beyond his years – he was born into a musical family. His great-grandfather was an accomplished jazz saxophonist, prior to his accepting the call to the ministry. His great-grandmother was a child prodigy as a concert pianist. Learning a musical instrument was a requirement for each of their 13 children. This talent was eventually passed down to his mother, Beverly Golden, who serves as Minister of Music alongside his father, Elder Kevin D. Golden, the Senior Pastor of Sweet Home Church of Christ (Holiness) USA in Franklinton, LA. Beverly Golden also holds the position of the National Minister of Music for the Church of Christ Holiness USA. Geoffrey has two brothers; one, Kevin who serves as his musical director and the other, Reginald who is the director of the world renowned Howard University Gospel Choir.  His sister, Gabrielle, is a minister of the Gospel.


As a young child, while other children were watching Barney and Sesame Street, Golden preferred to watch gospel music videos with his grandfather and would pretend to direct the choirs on the video. At the age of eight he directed the National Children’s Choir for the Church of Christ Holiness USA in their second live recording. In middle school he became even more serious about music and assisted his school choir director in teaching and arranging music. He was so rigid that at one point several of the students threatened to quit the choir because he was too strict. He had to be reminded that he was just a 12-year old working with other 11-12 year olds who had other priorities than singing. In high school, the passion he had for music ministry really took off. He served as the Student Director for the Cleveland Heights Gospel Choir and along with writing, arranging and teaching music, he was also the featured soloist. During that time, while traveling with the choir, he amazed audiences all over the country with his powerful voice and the display of his unapologetic love for the Lord.


It was also during his high school years where he became the Coordinator of Praise and Worship at his home church, Glenville. At that time, he cultivated his passion for the “Presence and People of God.” Having a desire to promote gospel/Christian music and a spirit of unity in Cleveland, particularly among his peers, it was laid on Golden’s heart to organize a City-Wide Youth Choir Explosion in 2010. The event was met with so much success, it has become the annual Cleveland Worship Weekend, a highly anticipated conference held close to the new year which now includes workshops and community service activities.


Golden has been a life-long member of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses (NCGCC, also referred to as the Dorsey Convention), and currently serves as the President of its Youth & Young Adult Department. He has won numerous awards in the NCGCC for not only his singing ability, but also for directing and songwriting.


On becoming a nationally recognized Gospel Artist, Golden says winning the competition has brought him from a place of expectation to reality. When he rededicated his life to the Lord at the age of twelve, he wanted “to know God and to make Him known” and this has become his life’s mission. On winning Sunday Best, Golden states, “I know God told me that there was a thing that he would do in my life and he was going to use me. Some of those things that He's placed in me would go out into the world. Now I'm really walking in the promise of the thing that He said He would do. So moving from promise to performance is what I think it means to me more than anything."


Geoffrey’s unshakeable love and trust in God is on full display with his stunning debut album. The aptly titled Kingdom…LIVE! was released in August 2015 in collaboration with Kirk Franklin’s FoYoSoul Record Label and features the co-production of Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Myron Butler along with Grammy-winning producer and musician Shaun Martin.  With the heavenly mix of roof-raising praise reports and humble, altar-call-style ballads throughout the album, Geoffrey was nominated for the Stellar Award “Best New Artist” in 2016.


Geoffrey is featured on two-time Stellar Award nominated (2017) album titled “Glorious God” with the Howard University Gospel Choir, produced by his two brothers.  Together, the three of them have launched The Golden Brothers Media Group, a music production and ministry consulting enterprise that will oversee Geoffrey’s upcoming musical projects, including new album “See Revival…LIVE in Detroit” (2020).


Geoffrey graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA May 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Geoffrey has plans to return to school for a Master’s Degree in public policy. His vision is to help enact bills on behalf of other young men of color that will have a positive impact on their relationship to police and other historic institutions of power.

In June 2019, Golden married his high school sweetheart and the love of his life, Rebecca Bebee.  The two currently reside in Atlanta, GA.

“Anything that revolves around Christian ministry and helping people is what I’m passionate about,” assures Geoffrey. “It is my desire to serve in every possible way I can.”

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